Spear & Jackson Garden Care

S&J Probiotic Artificial Grass Cleaner 5L Ready to Use

Clean moss, algae and everyday dirt from artificial grass
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Spear and Jackson
Artificial Grass Cleaner
This product is a probiotic cleaning liquid containing billions of active 'Friendly Bacteria' and has been formulated to clean moss, algae and everyday dirt away from the affected areas and to destroy the spores which are produced by the moss and algae. this will help lengthen the time in which moss and algae reforms. Also eliminates pet odours and helps prevent uric acid burn.
> Shake well before use
> Always test for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area first and do not use if colour is affected
>Do not use if rain is expected within the next few hours and apply to dry surfaces only
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Brand Spear & Jackson
Weight 5kg