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NEW Williams Racing Pink Waterless Wash and Wax Car Cleaning kit 2 x 1L

With Cherry Blossom Fragrance
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Williams Racing Pink Waterless Wash and Wax with Cherry Blossom Fragrance Car Cleaning kit 2 x 1L


This Williams product is a waterless wash and wax which cleans, polishes and protects in one.

The revolutionary way to clean your car and get that "new car" look in minutes.

It will remove dirt, grime, road film, tar, tree sap, bird droppings and paint oxidation and is safe for

use on all types of paint Great for those suffering with hose pipe bans in the summer. Delivers

brilliant shine results on metal, glass, plastic, fibreglass, gel coat, or any non-porous painted surface


Cleans and protects: ideal for those without access to a water supply, the innovative formula in the Waterless

Wash and Wax combines unique ingredients and high grade carnauba wax to provide your car with a brilliant

sheen and powerful pain protection.

Long-lasting product: a one litre bottle of Waterless Wash and Wax will typically fully clean and protect up to five medium

size vehicles,

keeping your car looking clean and shiny for longer.

The innovative formulation of this wax allows you to clean your car without the usual mess created by using hose-pipes

and buckets of water. The addition of carnauba wax ensures that your car is not only left with a beautiful

gloss, but it protects the paintwork too. Williams Waterless Wash and Wax contains a high grade Carnauba Wax which

enhances protection and leaves a glossy shine that lasts. This wax is highly durable thanks to its hardness,

high melting point and water resistance. This durability means that the wax can help

to protect against the elements and harmful materials such as insects, rain, road grime, bird droppings, and salt.

It also makes it easier to clean next time around.

This high performance cleaner contains all you need to

get your vehicle looking like a racing car.


2x1L Pink Waterless Wash and Wax cleaner with Cherry Blossom Fragrance

1x Canyon Spray Trigger

2x High Performance Microfibre cloths

Note: Bottle colour may vary

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Brand Williams
Weight 2.5kg