CatBioBox Disposable litter box - 4 trays set

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Cat Bio Box - Disposable Litter box

Product Description

Cat bio box is a quickly and easily disposable litter tray, suitable to use in all conditions and to fill with all types of cat litter.

We have created a product which is liquid-proof, but biodegradable.

After use you can just throw the box and the litter away. Cat bio box has successfully passed the tests carried out by the central laboratory of the Estonian health board and is safe for the pet.

Cats bring us a lot of joy, they are wonderful pets. But cleaning the litter tray is a tedious, unpleasant, and unhygienic task. Cat bio box is the best solution as it makes your life a lot easier. After using cat bio box for a few times, you cannot imagine going back to washing and drying out your old litter box again.

Asking your relatives and neighbors to look after your cat while you are on a holiday can be such a hassle, so make everybody happy and buy a set of cat bio box litter trays. Much safer for pregnant women (it is recommended to use disposable gloves) changing litter takes no longer than a minute no need to wash, disinfect and dry out.

Recommended use

1 box = 1 week

4 boxes = 1 month

Main Benefits

  • Less odour - great air filtration. Paper's pH helps neutralise ammonia odour
  • Cleaner than a regular litter box. No need for washing and disinfectants
  • Leak Free
  • Super easy disposal and Clean-up
  • Safe for your pet - Tested by the Health Board central laboratory
  • Fill with your cat's favourite sand
  • 4 disposable litter boxes


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