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All Clear 1 litre Natural Stain Remover and Odour Control

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Completely remove all trace of urine stains and odours
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Completely and hygienically remove all trace of urine stains and odours

All Clear is exactly the same powerful formula as our highly rated wee-away™ product but sensitively renamed for use in the home.

All Clear has been developed using selective strains of naturally occurring microbes, which we call ‘friendly bacteria’. These bacteria feed on the uric crystals and other organic matter to remove all traces of urine altogether. This not only prevents the foul smell returning but can also prevent pets re-marking their territory. Wee-away™ also contains friendly bacteria which feed on other organic matter and is therefore able to remove smells and stains associated with, not only urine but faeces, vomit, blood and other household spills.

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