Turtle Wax Pro Ceramic Wash Kit

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Product information

Turtle Wax Ceramic Wash car cleaning kit. Includes 2 x 500ml Ultimate Ceramic Protection Wash, 1 x Spray trigger, 1 x Wash mitt, 1x Chamois.

Turtle Wax Ceramic Wash Car Cleaning Kit

Enhanced hydrophobic effect which results in faster drying with superb water rinse off properties. Requires very little drying to produce a spot free finish.

The secondary additives have an excellent affinity to the bodywork of the car to produce a continuous 
protective layer. Reduces the adhesion of water-borne dirt to bodywork and improves the gloss and brightness of the vehicle's paintwork.

Instructions for use

Using a hosepipe, bucket or pressure washer, wet the car.

Then shake bottle well before use and proceed to spray onto the car.

 Using either a wash mitt, hand clean the car, working specific areas at a time.

 Rinse the wash mitt as and when required to remove dirt.

 If cleaning the wheels, do this last as the wheels will produce more dirt than the bodywork. Once the car has been fully cleaned, rinse down using hosepipe, bucket or pressure washer.

For the best ultra gloss finish, dry thoroughly with a chamois or micro fibre cloth. Avoid use in direct sunlight if possible.


Technical specifications

Brand Turtle wax
Weight 2kg


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